Our Services


Our favourite data processing system is one where your bank account transactions are electronically transferred to our computer system. This is by way of an intelligent computer process which identifies your income and spending into categories or codes with totals for each. The system then produces your two monthly GST returns, advises of payment or refund due and also provides a Monthly Cash Profit and Loss report. Once operating correctly you hardly have to lift a finger.


Our successful clients need to know approximately how much profits they are making to help them plan. They plan for Savings, Tax Payments, Capital Expenditure as they need to know how much they will have left over to spend on their annual overseas holiday. The wise use our Budgeting systems to adjust tax savings, and monitor their future financial wellbeing and plan asset purchases, family gifts and holidays.

Annual and Taxation

Completion of your Annual Accounts now should not be a major paper war as we already have your past 12 months of bank records in our computer system. You will need to complete our annual questionnaire and papers to allow us to complete annual balance reconciliations and print the Annual Accounts for your approval. Tax returns are also prepared at this point for your approval and signature which we electronically file with Inland Revenue. As you appoint us as your official Tax Agent all tax correspondence then comes direct to our PO Box address so no disturbing IRD letters in your letterbox ever again.

Business and Tax Advice

This is what we really love to do, being proactive we will help you set goals to make things happen. So make sure you make a list of questions for us to answer then we will have time to discuss the relaxing things in life such as surfing, golf, fishing, tennis, tramping, acting, classic cars, yachts and Fiji holidays.

IT Systems and Computers

We are experienced in all accounting IT systems and as we are all computer literate we will help you understand in areas where you struggle and if asked will text you to advise of emails sent to you. We no longer use faxes and our filing system is fast moving into the cloud. Just imagine a paperless office; well we can do it for you.